Angel Christmas Tree Cruise brings in toys for Amarillo children

Bringing in nearly 150 toys, little angels across Amarillo will have a reason to smile thanks to the Salvation Army and to Pura Vida Car Club.

The third annual Angel Christmas Tree Cruise as on Sunday at Alamo Park.

Pura Vida sponsored Sunday's toy drive with donations benefitting the Angel Tree program.

"This is our third annual and everyone brings a toy and we do like a mini parade/cruise all the way to the Salvation Army," said Silvia Lozano of the Pura Vida Car Club. "Then we have a small cookout here for everybody who participated afterwards."

The Angel Tree program is an opportunity for people throughout the Area help local families and children in need during the holidays.

"Come Christmas time and whenever we do our distribution, we're planning to help well over 5,000 families which is like over 1,600 children to have a Merry Christmas," said Major Ann Johnson, Salvation Army Commander.

With so many families in need during the holiday season, the Salvation Army is counting on the help of the community to make their goals possible.

"We you know I'm new in Amarillo. I came here about mid-july and one of the things I've really started to appreciate about the community is just the fact that they do care about each other and that those that are able to go, give and help those that are less fortunate."

To volunteer or donate to Amarillo Salvation Army contact their office at (806) 374-2412 or 400 South Harrison in Amarillo.