An advertising website creates confusion with the City of Amarillo website

Doing an online search for the City of Amarillo can yield quite a few results.

One of them might be a website called

This website is part of a company called They are a company that sells advertising space to local businesses. They have websites for more than 100 cities across the country.

In a statement released to Pronews 7, the business said, "we are passionate about helping the small business owner grow their business through cost-effective online marketing solutions."

The calls made by the regarding advertising prompted the City to release a statement clarifying the issue.

The city's website is

The press released by the City of Amarillo said, "if you have received a phone call from a company selling advertising for "the City of Amarillo," please note that they are not representing the official city of Amarillo municipal government....the city of Amarillo municipal government does not sell advertising on its website to anyone."

Despite the confusion between the and the actual city website, the Better Business Bureau said they are an accredited business.

"As long as the company that calls you discloses exactly what they're selling so that the buyer knows what they're buying, then there is typically not a problem," said Janna Kiehl, CEO of the BBB.

The best way to differentiate between websites it to look for the ".gov" at the end of the web address.

"Any company that applies for accreditation has to go through a vetting process and meet our standards for accreditation and must also maintain it throughout the accreditation process," Kiehl said.