American Cancer Society prepares community for Great American Smokeout day

It's a difficult process, but one that could save your life, quitting tobacco.

You don't have to be alone, because the American Cancer Society is working to educate and help the community.

According to the CDC, one out of five deaths are linked to tobacco. Those numbers, have the American Cancer Society pushing harder than ever to educate folks with their 37 Great American Smokeout in Amarillo.

"Educate people on the benefits of quitting, smoking and making people aware that if they want to quit smoking, what they can do and some of the resources available to them," said Terri Prescott Health Initiatives Community Manager. "If they can quit for one day, let's say on Great American Smokeout, November 15 then that might lead to another day and another day."

Tobacco can cause multiple health issues; in fact, it's the number one preventable cause of cancer.

Many are already taking the first step in saving their life.

"My dad is 42 and he just quit smoking actually less than a month ago," said Kolbie Benhan ACS Volunteer. "So it's been pretty hard for him but he started dipping when he was 7."

Smoking or dipping not only affects you; it affects those around you physically and emotionally.

"Dad went to the hospital not very long ago. He had calcium deposits in his mouth and we were really afraid that it was going to be a precursor to cancer and so that was really scary," said Benhan. "It's really been awesome since he's quit because you get the idea, you know I'm going to have dad as long as I can, and it's not going to be determined by an addiction."

The American Cancer Society says, if you're willing to take your first step in quitting. You can find their resources at