AMBUCS to present veteran with mountain bike

The Southwest AMBUCS chapter is known for providing modified tricycles to children with disabilities, and Thursday its giving away another model, but this one only has two wheels.

Ross Cox, a U.S. veteran, was wounded fighting in the Afghanistan War, forcing the bottom portion of his left leg to be amputated. Those who know the veteran said, "It's just not in his nature to give-up, and riding a bike with his children is something he's been wanting to do."

Chris Hale with AMBUCS is also a physical therapist who has met with Cox a few times to help him adjust to riding a bike. AMBUCS plans to present Cox with a 26-inch Kona Mountain Bike.

"If you weren't looking at his leg you wouldn't realize that he was an amputee," Hale said. "He has excellent balance and is very fit. He's just an athlete. As a physical therapist I was looking at what was appropriate for him and I didn't feel like he needed an 'Am-Trike,' he didn't need a modification really."

Hale said riding a bike for the first time will still be a challenge for Cox, because he doesn't have his calf muscles, or any ankle motion, but he knows Cox will adjust just fine.