Amazingly Fun Farm offers new attractions for Amarillo Area

Amazingly Fun Farm opened their gates to the Amarillo area this Friday at 5. Activities at the Fun Farm include over fifteen thrillers, with new additions this year.

The farm is Amarillo's original cornfield and pumpkin patch, and welcomes all to see new attractions.

"Amazingly fun farm is a 9 acre corn maze with 4 acres of pumpkins. We have jumping pillows, zip lines, we have corn cannons, pumpkin blasters, and we have a cow train and a new pumpkin ride." said Derinda Patton AFF Owner and Manager

This is the Amazingly Fun Farms 6 year to give the Amarillo area some fall fun, this year including Zombies. Officials say that the most popular event at the Fun Farm has consistently been the corn maze.

"We also have a haunted maze called, Farmageddon. It opens at dark and stays open until midnight and so it's a zombie shoot to start with," said Patton. "You get on a hay ride and you get to shoot zombies to the end of the field then you get off and you have to make your way back through the zombies to civilization."

The fun farm has become a family tradition over the years and keeps little ones like, Alie Warren excited for the season filled with pumpkins, games and fun.

"I'm having lots of fun," said Warren. She also adds her opinion on what's the best attraction, "The Zip Line, because you're up in the air"

With so many opportunities for excitement other attendees had their favorites also.

"I like the jumpers," said Sarah Velasquez. I've like never been here before, so it's my first time, so when I got on it, it was really fun."

For more information on hours of operation and prices click, here.