Amarillo's Turn Center finds 'Fun Factor' to help children with challenges

A facility in Amarillo is serving children in our area.

The Turn Center is a place where kids can find hope through physical, occupational and speech therapy.

Helping children be the best they can be in spite of their physical challenges, the therapists and staff of the Turn Center hold tight to encouraging the spirit of a child.

"We touch so many kids' lives both, as out patients, and here in the center," said Chris Hale, Turn Center Executive Director. "We see kids that come in here for physical, occupational, speech therapy; we have kids with autism, cerebral palsy, spine bifida, just a multitude of diagnosis that come in here."

Though some may see these diagnosis as disabilities, the Turn Center has found the ability to incorporate a 'fun factor' to help each child prosper.

"We always strive to make the activity fun and our children that come to this therapy gym, which we have now termed the playground," said Kathy Hyatt Physical Therapist. "They actually learn to have normal motor development with the help of all this great equipment."

The playground includes a zip line, bicycles, a rock wall, swing rooms, and of course the dedicated staff that work day in and out for the future of their patients.

"One of our little kids Gracie, gave me her button, its down syndrome month, down syndrome week and the buddy walk is this week on Saturday," said Hale. "and she wanted to make sure I have a button and so I saw her today and she was really, really proud that I was wearing her button around."

The therapists aren't the only ones making an impact, the children of Turn Center add a whole other magic of their own

"The whole theme of providing therapy for children is helping a child function in life, getting to the point where they can be successful in what they're doing has been such a heartwarming and rewarding career for me," said Hyatt.

The Turn Center invites you to join them alongside and participate in the Buddy Walk this Saturday.

Sponsoring the walk will be the Panhandle Down Syndrome Guild at Sam Houston Park from 10 until noon.

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