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      Amarillo's Terry White elected to League of American Orchestras Volunteer Council

      Terry White of the Amarillo Symphony has been elected to the League of American Orchestras Volunteer Council, the League announced today.

      Terry White of the Amarillo Symphony has been elected to the League of American Orchestras Volunteer Council, the League announced today.

      The Volunteer Council provides leadership skills and assistance to orchestra volunteers through ongoing education and communication. The group serves as a link to the League of American Orchestras by informing the national group of critical volunteer issues and delivering essential learning and leadership development information to home orchestra volunteer associations.

      "For more than half a century, the Volunteer Council has contributed to the growth, development, and ultimate success of their home orchestras and the League of American Orchestras," said League President and CEO Jesse Rosen. "We are grateful to Terry White for continuing this vital tradition."

      "I am very excited about my appointment to the Volunteer Council of the League of American Orchestras," said Terry White. The council consists of an amazing group of women from across the United States who are major supporters of their individual symphonies and are dedicated to assisting symphony guilds in all aspects of their missions."

      Terry White is a graduate from Southern Methodist University and holds a BS in Political Science and a BAS in Criminal Justice, she also holds a JD from the Texas Tech School of Law. Terry has been actively involved with the Amarillo Symphony for many years and has held the following positions: Guild President, Vintage Amarillo Co-chair, Board and Executive Committee member, Beethoven Society Committee member and has supported the symphony in many other committees and leadership roles through the years. Mrs. White is also very involved with the Amarillo community and has held the following leadership roles: Amarillo Area Bar Association president, Lone Star Ballet board member and Downtown Women's Center board president. She has also been very involved with the Texas Association of Symphony Orchestras and will Co-chair the TASO conference 2016 in Amarillo, TX.

      History of the Volunteer Council

      In 1962, the League of American Orchestras recognized the women's associations of the U.S. and Canada with its highest honor, the Gold Baton. One year later, Helen Thompson, executive vice president of League, stressed need for a national women's council at the League's Convention in San Francisco, and the League's Board of announced the formation of the Women's Council of the American Symphony Orchestra League. The Women's Council was later renamed the Volunteer Council, and, by 1989-90, had changed its focus from individual membership to volunteer association membership. By 1997-98, volunteer organizations were automatically included in their orchestra's membership of the League. Volunteer Council members span a full array of orchestra budget sizes. They are elected for a term of three years, with the option to be elected for a second consecutive three-year term. The Volunteer Council meets three times per year: one fall meeting, one winter meeting, and one meeting at the League's National Conference in June. The current president of the Volunteer Council is Margarita L. Contreni, Lafayette Symphony (IN).