Amarillo Zoo gets help from Junior League

The Amarillo Zoo will be getting some much needed help from the Junior League of Amarillo.

More than 20 volunteer members will volunteer throughout the summer, as part of 1 of the league's 4 projects throughout the year. Although it's only their 3rd year volunteering at the popular attraction, the Junior League created the Zoo in 1955.

"Junior League actually was the group that started the Zoo in 1955, so it's a great kind of legacy for them to still be involved with the Zoo when they started the Zoo so long ago," said Amarillo Zoo Visitor Services Coordinator Mike Boley.

The women will help zoo workers with special events, public programs, summer camps, and exhibition interpretation in the upcoming months. M

ore than
20 volunteers will donate 50 hours of their personal time to help the needs of zoo staff after their initial training. In return, the Amarillo Zoo staff will teach the women how to handle some exotic animals found inside the park.

"We'll teach, if they'd like to


how to hold a snake,
a lizard, a rabbit, and how to do interpretive information with these animals to the public," said Boley. "I think for some of these ladies, it might be the first time they have ever held a snake."

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