Amarillo Youth Choir host annual vocal camp

The Amarillo Youth Choir hosted their 14th annual Vocal Camp Saturday at The Church at Quail Creek.

Just like any other athlete, the Amarillo Youth Choir believes that with the proper training and practice any singer can be successful.

"They stand in rehearsals most of the time, they sit very tall, they're very athletic in their singing and the breathing," said Jerry Perales Artistic Director. "The apparatus of breathing correctly, using the lungs properly, holding a phrase out, all that good stuff it's very athletic."

Students in the second through sixth grade were invited to participate in five different classes.

Ensemble excellence, sight singing, music and movement, audition tips, and singing fun and games.

"The kids come in, in the morning, at 8:30 registration; they're all excited for the day and ready to have a lot of fun," said Perales. "During the day the kids will go through five classes and by the time the day is over with, they're pretty excited and still bubbly."

The creativity and content of the classes are key components in keeping the kids coming back.

"What I really like is just getting to go to the different classes and learning different things from each music teacher," said Michah Brull Camp Attendant. "And seeing how they teach music, and each teacher does it a different way."

The different teaching methods come together to create the 'basics' of a vocalist, and the students said it takes more than just sounding good that makes an excellent singer.

"Theory, what they know about music," said Mattie Freeze Camp Attendant.

"I honestly think they need to know a lot of things, but like Mattie said, they do need to know theory, they also need to know, how to sing right," said Brull.

It's these skills, teachers and vocalist that have kept this camp going, for 14 years.

"We have kids who've gone on to become professional musicians, and professional teachers," said Perales. "So we know that the program fits a certain type of kid that really wants to be challenged."