Amarillo women weigh in on abortion debate

Early Wednesday morning, the Texas State Affairs Committee committee passed House Bill 2 after hours of consideration. In Amarillo, the debate amongst women on both sides of the argument continues.

but here in Amarillo, the debate amongst women on both sides of the argument, continues.

"Abortion should not be a choice, there is no choice," said Pro-Life Advocate Melissa Moore. "Once a baby is conceived, it's a baby. I'm adopted, I've got an adopted son, and I've got foster boys and I cannot imagine any of those lives getting snuffed out no matter what age they were."

Pro-Choice advocates are also speaking out against the controversial bill.

"At the end of the day it's my body it's my choice, this is truly not so much a man's choice it's a women's issue," said Pro-Choice Advocate Donna Eaves. "We have a bunch of hairy-legged men making our decisions for us. It's a personal choice, the women has to live with the consequences of her decisions."

The bill would restrict women's access to abortions and require clinics to upgrade their facilities without state funding. While some women have agreed that House Bill 2 is not an issue of religion, others said there needs to be a greater separation between church and state.

"As a longtime feminist and former CEO of Planned Parenthood, this is not a matter of religion or morality, it simply a matter of separation of church and state," said Pro-Choice Advocate Claudia Stravato. "They want to deny women who do not believe in the way they do."

Amarillo's Respect Life Ministries are supporting the historic bill.

"Any bill that is proclaiming the defense of human life, we're behind it every bit of the way, and that's the Catholic Church at large," said Respect Life Ministries Coordinator Stephanie Frausto. "What about the woman that is growing within the womb? What about her right? This is what it's all about

," said Frausto.

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marillo Pro-Choice Advocate Claudia Stravato said debate on the bill comes down to a woman's health options and freedom of choice.

"When you have the American Medical Association, the Texas Medical Association, the Texas Hospital Association, and the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecology say that bill is bad for women's health, who are going to believe



said Stravato.

For now, opponents and supporters of the bill will have to wait until the bill reaches Senate for more on the issue.