Amarillo woman cries foul on Discount Lawn and Tree

Joy Tindal says nearly losing her house to last year's Willow Creek fires was stressful enough; losing the battle against the company she paid to repair her property, she says, is even harder.

According to Tindal, she gave Discount Lawn and Tree, a local landscaping business, $3,800 last June as a down payment to begin working.

"I think in a month's time, they had been on my property three times, but they have only worked one day and that was just a few hours."

Tindal said she attempted to contact company owner Mike Davis with no success. She sent an email stating her dissatisfaction with the company, and Davis responded 10 days later, Tindal said. According to the email he sent her, railroad ties he had ordered would be delivered to her house the following day. Tindal said that delivery was never made.

Tindal attempted to get help from the Amarillo Police Department, but was turned down on the count that APD does not have the authority to handle civil disputes, which Sgt. Brent Barbee said is what an issue becomes once a contract is signed.

Tindal claims she checked the Better Business Bureau website before hiring the Discount Lawn and Tree. The website offers ratings for local companies, and Tindal said this company had a rating of A-minus. Still, she said she continued to file a complaint with the BBB after the company did not follow through with its part of the contract.

"Being a Christian company as they said they were, I really believed that they were going to do what they said they were going to do," Tindal added.

After filing the complaint, she said, she still received no compensation Davis. On January 12, 2012, she took the case to Small Claims Court where she was awarded judgment.

"He was told that he needed to refund my money within 30 days," Tindal stated. "Well, the 30 days have come and gone and I have never received a dime from that company."

Pronews 7 attempted to contact Davis for comment. He would not go on camera, but did leave a voicemail when he called back.

"Hey, Kyndel. This is Mike Davis with Discount Lawn and Tree. I was giving you a call about Joy Tindal. You know, I tried to settle that with her through the Better Business Bureau. I've done everything. I offered her half the money back for what she got judgment for. I've been dealing with this for two years. She's slandering my name, costing me jobs and she will not get a dollar from me."

Since January, Tindal has visited many Amarillo websites in which she has posted negative reviews about the company. She said she came across posts from other people who also had negative things to say about Discount Lawn and Tree.

"I came across some other reviews where other victims had come forward and said they had also paid money up front, or in some cases, the entire amount up front. And the Discount Lawn and Tree never returned to even start the job."

According to Tindal, she contacted the companies Davis told her he had ordered her supplies from. She said none of the companies had any orders placed under her name, Davis' name or the company name.

She pointed out she is aware the chances of getting her $3,800 back are slim. At this point, she said, her mind is more set on letting people know what happened to her so they will not lose money.

In his voicemail, Davis added he thinks Tindal is not telling the truth. He threatened to call an attorney if Pronews 7 aired the story.

"She's a habitual liar," he said, "and like I said, if there's any repercussions for you going out and talking to her and there's news- something on the news- then I will be forced to call my lawyer. I have no further comments."

Pronews 7 contacted the BBB for comment, but an interview was declined.