Amarillo welcomes Ride For 9-11 cyclists

Cycling across the country... not an everyday task to say the least.

"If you look at the big picture, it seems like a daunting task, but just day to day", said Los Angeles City Fire Department Firefighter, Scott Hambly.

But that's what one group of six firefighters from the Los Angeles area are doing.

They're riding from LA all the way to New York City to raise awareness for those who lost their lives in the twin tower attacks 10 years ago and to help raise money for groups who support individuals still protecting us at home and abroad.

"All those firefighters that were there, all the military that's overseas that's fighting for us, fighting for our freedom, they're all working really hard. For me, this is the least I could do to show my respect for them by trying to put forth a hard effort", said Los Angeles County Fire Department Firefighter Paramedic, Scott Smith.

"Just figured it'd be something that we could do to cause awareness to make people remember to show that's what we could do", said Hambly.

They began their Ride For 9-11 on July 24th, stopping in various cities along the way.

Sunday, they rode into Amarillo and were met with open arms by all Potter and Randall County first-responder departments.

"The response is overwhelming a little bit. It's been incredible, I mean, you can't make this stuff up. I know coming in today, you know you get a little choked up", added Hambly.

When the group rides into New York City, their final stop, on September 9th, they plan to visit the Firefighters Memorial there in New York, something so emotional, they say, it can hardly be described in words.

"I've done a couple things in my life where it's a hard physical challenge and it's overwhelming. I can't imagine what it's going to feel like. I can even begin to think of how overwhelming it's going to feel to be riding into New York City with New York firefighters with us and going to the Firefighters Memorial in New York City. It's just going to be remarkable, I don't even, I don't know. It's going to be amazing", said Smith.

Monday night, there's a fundraiser for this Ride For 9-11 at Blue Sky.

Blue Sky is donating a portion of each bill to the two charities the ride is raising money for -- The Denis Leary Firefighters Foundation and the Wounded Warriors Project.