Amarillo Warrant Roundup begins today

The Amarillo Police Department and the City of Amarillo Municipal Court will begin the Texas State Warrant Roundup today.

For people who have an outstanding warrant, warrant notice cards will be mailed out to inform people of their warrants before APD begins serving them to offenders. They are expected to send out over 14,000 notice cards. They have also placed warrant reminders in City of Amarillo water bills.

APD will begin to search for people with outstanding Amarillo Municipal Court warrants beginning March 4, 2013. These assigned officers will locate offenders at their homes, work places or wherever they may find warrant holders.

Currently there are 34,725 outstanding warrants, according to City of Amarillo Municipal Court Administrator, Victoria Medley. "The next two weeks we're really just trying to do some community awareness, getting people to understand. Go out there and check it, go out there and take care of this, double check, let your neighbors know", says Medley.

To view a complete list of current warrant holders click here. If you have questions about an outstanding warrant contact the Municipal Court at 806-378-9342.