Amarillo suffers major water main break

Water main break affecting Amarillo / Courtesy Keely Wilson

Update Monday 2:20pC ity officials say the new section of pipe is now and place and welders are continuing to work on the connecting ends.

Workers will chlorinate and flush the new section once the line is completely covered.

According to the city, pressures remain good throughout the system but residents of Canyon and Amarillo are asked not to water outdoors today.

By Emily GriffinAround 10:00 Sunday morning water shot up out of the ground at the scene of a major water supply line break on the Fritch Highway.

The 45-inch supply line runs from the Carson County well field to the City of Amarillo and supplies a significant amount of potable water to the city. Shortly after the break, crews were on site to begin the extensive necessary repairs.

"We know there's about a 15 foot section of that pipe that's been damaged, so we'll make preparations and work through the night to pull that piece out and replace it with a spare piece ", said City Manager, Jarrett Atkinson.

D espite the break , we're told , a reservoir will supply Amarillo and Canyon with water for necessities until the main is fixed and there's no need to worry about contamination.

"We're going to be using that source for right now as we repair the other current source. The water supply that we have currently in Amarillo is safe. There's not need for doing anything unusual like boiling water", said City Commissioner and Mayor Pro Tem, Dr. Brian Eades.

"We can supply enough water for drinking and, you know, for showers and things like that.", said City Commissioner, Ellen Robertson Green.

What the public and businesses "do" need to worry about -- water conservation. They've been asked to curtail all non-essential water use and outdoor watering.

"We really need people not to water outside, not to wash their cars, this is a major water break. It's not catastrophic but it's very serious", added Commissioner Robertson Green.

In a press conference Sunday evening, City officials commended the public for the dramatic drop in water usage they saw after word of the break spread.

"So that reduction right there, something in the 20 million gallon range is phenomenal. If the public will help us, if the businesses, anybody using outdoor water will just restrict that outdoor water use for the next two to three days, I think we'll come out of this as well as ever could be imagined", continued Atkinson.

But, until then... We're all on water watch.

By Travis Ruiz The City of Amarillo has suffered a major water main break.

According to City officials, while the problem may not be fixed for 72 hours, the City will be able to meet water demands. The water main break is a 45-inch water supply line from the Carson County well field.

Residents are asked to curtail water usage until the problem is fixed. That means no outdoor watering.

Fortunately, the break is isolated and water is safe to drink, officials said.

Update 4:00p Amarillo City Officials say about 12 residents will be without water. The transmission line break has been isolated and shut off.

Officials are now excavating the area and water is being removed.

Update 12:12p

The water main break is isolated and the City of Amarillo says it is safe to drink water.

Update 11:43aThe City of Amarillo now says a 45-inch water supply line from the Carson County well field to the City of Amarillo suffered a major break at around 10 Sunday morning .Utility crews are currently on site. The line, according to City officials, provides a significant portion of the potable water supply to the City.

Repairs to the line could take up to 72 hours. However, the City says it WILL be able to continue to meet the water demands of the community.

Residents are still asked to curtail their water usage due to potential extended impact. That means residents are requested to curtail non-essential water usage like outdoor watering.

Major commericial water users have already been notified to limit their water usage, the City says.

Update 11:32a Pronews 7 has confirmed the water main break is to the City's supply line in Carson County. Once again, the city is asking residents to curtail water usage until the main is fixed.

Orginally reported The City of Amarillo has reported that it's suffered a catastrophic water main break.

If you are on city water, you are asked to conserve until the main is fixed.

Pronews 7 is continuing to gather more information on this breaking story.