Amarillo students get a helping hand from Salvation Army

Back-to-school and the thrill of Friday night lights are upon us. That means, getting those supplies. But for some families, that's a burden when trying to make ends meet.

That's where the Salvation Army comes in to help.

The thrill of starting a new school year for many kids is buying new clothes, shoes, and supplies. But it causes anxiety and fear for some families when the money isn't there.

"We work with families throughout the year that need assistance in our family emergency shelter. So all those families that are trying to move out even, have their own place but still struggle for all the extras that are needed for families," said Major Harvey Johnson, Salvation Army.

Thanks to your generous donations, 13 kids will go on an $80 shopping trip to Target later this month to get brand new gear for the start of school.

"For a youngster to be able to go and say, yes I like this color and I like the way this cover looks on that notebook, and to have the excitement of picking out their own clothes its great to see," said Major Johnson.

But that's not all. The Salvation Army will also be able to hand out backpacks full of supplies to about 50 kids thanks to Valero.

"Having an opportunity to work with national connections with the Salvation Army and Target affords us a great opportunity to help kids that wouldn't necessarily have the new clothes or the school supplies they need so, it's very exciting".

However, this year their shoe program will not be in place to provide new footwear to students in need. The newly appointed Major is unhappy about that, but hopes it changes.

"We're extremely disappointed in that decision and we're trying to get that turned over for next year".

But one thing is for sure, a number of returning students will be very excited to get new clothes and supplies, as well as their parents.

If you would like to help, you can bring school supplies or monetary donations to the Salvation Army located at 400 S. Harrison, click here for a map. Or you can call their office at 373-6631.