Amarillo Special Crimes Unit asking residents for help finding 4 year missing person

Amarillo Special Crimes Unit asking residents for help finding 4 year missing person

The Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is asking residents for help in finding Randall County resident Mark Burkett Jr. who has been missing for four years.

Burkett, known as â??Bubbaâ?? to friends and family, was reported missing to the Randall County Sheriffâ??s Department in October 2010. The Amarillo Special Crime Unit learned after further investigation that Burkett went missing from within Amarillo city limits.

On a Facebook page dedicated to Burkett, family and friends posted on his wall for his 24th birthday this past Saturday, August 23.

Lt. Erick Bohannon with the Amarillo Special Crimes unit said the report was made by Burkettâ??s mother. Bohannon said it was clear Burkett kept a close contact with his mother so the disappearance was concerning.

He said theyâ??ve gotten some leads, and have searched several residences and areas. Bohannon said none of the leads have panned out.

â??Whatever leads weâ??ve gotten havenâ??t led us anywhere. Periodically, we get tips although theyâ??re becoming less frequent,â?? Bohannan said.

Pronews 7 tried to get a comment from what the Facebook page said were family and friends, but none responded to our messages.

Amarillo Police Departmentâ??s Sgt. Brent Barbee says the police department will always file a missing persons report as soon as possible regardless of how long they have been missing.

Barbee said they have to look at individual cases and based on the case facts, determine if itâ??s appropriate to take a report. He said theyâ??ve been searching for Burkett, but with little information and no starting point, it makes the case more difficult.

"There's a perception that police aren't doing anything, but problem is we don't know where to look. Tell us where to look," Barbee said.

When reporting a missing person, Barbee said it helps if the family or friends reporting the person have called hospitals and jails. He said it also helps if they have talked to other family and friends to get information and the last location the person was seen.

Bohannan said there are several things that make this case hard to solve

â??If someone willingly goes away and doesnâ??t want to be found, it can make it hard to be found. Another way is if the person responsible for the other personâ??s disappearance is making it harder for us to find them,â?? Bohannon said.

Bohannon said Burkett is one of the several missing residents they are still searching for in a pool of missing people that dates back to 1998.

â??We are going to continue with this case as he may not have gone missing by his free will,â?? Bohannon said.

Anyone with any information on Mark Burkett Jr. or any other missing person can call Amarillo Crimestoppers at 374-4400.