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      Amarillo small businesses give tips on success

      A marillo Brewery Supply is fairly new to the area, supplying customers with all the hops and barley they'll need to make a beer or two.

      G et Gussied up is at the center of Westgate Mall, but don't mistake it for a big box store.

      T he two businesses may not specialize in the same product, but they share one thing in common, Small Business Saturday.

      Store Manager Johnna Whitney said, "We're different. So many of the chain stores offer the same thing, and they offer the same thing all across the country. We're just different."

      Whitney said the owner of the business decided to open a store at the mall because of the foot traffic, and according to Whitney it definitely showed for Black Friday.

      Shiloh Branigan is the owner of Amarillo Brewery Supply and said she wanted to open something new to the area.

      " W e did our research first ." she said. "W e didn't want to open something that a million other people in Amarillo had opened, and I know the biggest home brew shop exclusively for home brewing is in, I think, Albuquerque."

      F or Whitney, she said to be a small business and see the success, it's all about customer dedication.

      " B ecause we are a small business store and have a lot of control of our local buying, we can listen to our customers and we can find out what they wan n t and what they're looking for , " Whitney said.