"Amarillo Slim" dies at 83

He's arguably one of the most well known poker players in the world.

Sunday, "Amarillo Slim" Preston passed away just after midnight in hospice care in Amarillo.

Born Thomas Austin Preston, Jr. December 31, 1928, he was a five-time World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet Champion and one of the early pioneers of modern-day poker.

He's widely credited for introducing the game to mainstream culture through his media appearances, especially after winning the 1972 World Series of Poker World Championship, becoming a pop culture icon.

Preston was known for wearing his trademark white Stetson hat and cowboy boots.

Unfortunately, Preston's career had it's dark moments.

In August 2003, he was indicted in Randall County on charges of indecency with a 12-year old child. He entered a plea bargain to spare his family from a court trial, but maintained his innocence.

Then in 2006, 2007, and 2009, Preston became the victim of several robberies.

His family was by his side when he passed. Here's a statement they've released.

"We hope everyone will remember our beloved Amarillo Slim for all the positive things he did for poker and to popularize his favorite game, Texas Hold'em".

Preston was 83-years old.