Amarillo shoppers support Small Business Saturday

The major retailers have Black Friday, the Internet has Cyber Monday, but what do the small businesses have?

They have â??Small Business Saturday,â?? which promotes local businesses to help boost the local economy of Amarillo.

â??We feel like that's the only way to do is shop local, our customers have been very loyal to us. We have been in business nearly 15 years and so we just see a constant repeat of customers and I think that of our service that we offer and a variety of different items that they can get just right here in Amarillo, Texas,â?? said Donna Bruegel General Manager of Et Cetera.

That variety of items from rustic Cowboy items to Native American artifacts drives people to the small stores.

â??I'm really looking for something unique and original and you won't find that in the larger stores. I come and shop local businesses both to support them financially, but to look for the unusual,â?? said Tommie Buchanan, a local shopper.

With the Christmas season already here, Amarillo is stepping up its campaign to keep those local dollars spent here, in Amarillo.

â??One thing about Amarillo, I think the people here really support their local businesses so whether it's retail or something else they'll support it by coming here first rather than online or a larger retailer,â?? said Sara Langford of JBS Linens.

â??I think Amarillo is a terrific city to promote locally because not only do we cater to about five states around us too and I think Amarillo does a fabulous job. We love for people to shop locally and shop small business,â?? said Bruegal.