Amarillo ropes in WRRA World Finalist

The Women's Ranch Rodeo Association competed in Amarillo for the world finals, October 12-13 on the Tri-State Fair Grounds.

Women swapped roles with the men and stole the spotlight in the rodeo arena.

16 teams made up of all women from across the nation worked to become the next WRRA champions.

"It's a 2 day event with 4 rounds and we have 5 different events, branding, trailer loading, doctoring, sorting and tie down," said Angie Krepps WRRA Secretary.

16 rodeos were held throughout the year and one team from each qualified for the world finals

"It's a pretty tough competition, but they all get along really good. It's a neat comradery back behind the scenes and it's amazing the friendships you make here. The competition is tough and it gets tougher every year," said Krepps.

The idea of women competing in rodeo events may come as a surprise to some, but since the WRRA was created in 2005 it has, and continues to grow with more women becoming interested every year.

"I think we will grow, big," said Edy Jost WRRA President and finals competitor.

"The girls have always been in the back ground, the wives, the girlfriends, they're always going out, they're helping their husbands, their boyfriends on the ranch, but that's pretty much where they stay. So now they get a chance to come shine too. Along with keeping the house clean, doing the meals and everything else that needs to be done."

As in any other sport, women or men, the passion behind the hard work and sweat is what keeps these rodeo world finalist going.

"It is a thrill, we get excited. It's just our adrenaline rush, it is. We have a good time," said Jost

This is the second year for Amarillo to host the WRRA finals with events ending Saturday night.