Amarillo responders prepare for disasters

Today the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission hosted its 4th annual Regional Preparedness Conference. It was designed to bring responders all together so they could learn more about how to respond to disasters in their community.

"It's important to see what other people have done so those lessons learned can be shared," said Regional Emergency Planner, Emily Nolte. "You truly understand this. All hazards, all disciplines, they all have to work together."

Within the conference there were exhibits to show off different vehicles and resources needed for emergency situations. One of them was a multi-patient vehicle ambulance bus. It was large enough to carry 20 stretcher patients or up to 24 seated patients. There are only 13 of these types of ambulances in the entire state of Texas. It is used for evacuations and large transportations of patients. It is mainly used for intermediate injured patients, helping to leave room in regular ambulances for the critically injured.