Amarillo residents on 9th day without water

Amarillo residents have been without running water for almost 10 days.

Tenants of the Old West Mobile Home Park are functioning with little to no water. They have been living in these conditions since Christmas day.

For residents, basic tasks such as washing dishes, showering, and flushing the toilet, have been put on hold. The tenants have been forced to rely on friends and family members to bathe and cook meals. Some even have even moved to hotels while they wait for the resolution.

The landlord, Juan Bugarin, says that he has done everything in his power to help the residents with the water problem. He is unsure why the water wells aren't producing water, but believes that it may be due to frozen pipes, or a leak in one of the properties.

Several companies are set to assess the situation at Old West by Thursday morning. For the tenants, the repair can't come soon enough.

Residents are hoping they will receive compensation.