Amarillo residents celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The Emmanuel Church of Amarillo hosted a celebration in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Young people were the focus of Sunday's event, a sign of the future and what lies ahead for the community.
"As you see today, there's many young people here celebrating community, celebrating leadership, and celebrating past lives that have helped bring us to the point we are today," said Mayor Paul Harpole.

The MLK program promoted unity amongst Amarillo residents.

"It's awesome to just come together an celebrate an awesome thing that one man did. Because it's not just a black vision, or a white vision, but it's everybody's vision to be equal," said Thomas Miller of Greater Love Temple.

Many of the young people at Sunday's event are hoping to make a difference for future generations. Veronica Miles, a MLK program participant, believes change is the key.

"Working toward a goal unifies us and also, if we're working toward a goal, we're trying to improve. We can still always be moving, changing, there's always improvement to be made."