Amarillo resident plans to give back to Sunshine Cottage

N ine families all with one goal ; to make education the forefront in their lives and in the lives of their children.

I n April 2013, one of the Eveline Rivers Sunshine Cottage appartments was severely damaged by a fire, now there is one less family Rivers can extend a helping hand to.

" W e don't know if the funding is totally available or if we're going to have to seek additional funds ," Rivers said.

R ivers has been working with the insurance company but no solution has been made until A marillo resident Peggy Lansing decided she wanted to be apart of the solution.

" P eggy Lansing came to us as one of the original June 15, 2001 move in's." Rivers said. "She came to us with a desire to have a degree in psychology."

Lans ing came up with an idea , a city wide scavenger hunt. People in Amarillo could pay $5 to participate and a portion would go back to the Sunshine Cottage, a place she once called home.

" W e tried to make questions hard enough, yet easy enough for people to figure it out especially if they have been here awhile ," Lansing said.

L ansing created a website and posted the seven clues to the scavenger hunt . She even plans to give prizes to the winners each month.

" Y es I've reached my goal and yes I may have reached my dreams but it was all because of Eveline believe in us in the beginning, and I would like to help her in any way I can to help other moms feel the same way."