Amarillo remembers the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

People around the country paused Monday to remember and reflect on the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. including in Amarillo. People of all walks of life came together at Bones Hooks Park to march in unity to continue to spread Doctor King's message of equality and to celebrate the Civil Rights activist dream and the battle he fought to see it through.

Doctor King's "I have a dream" speech is easily one of the most well known speeches given in American history. A speech on the forefront of the Civil Rights movement. It's that speech, and that movement of separating from desegregation that many in Amarillo remember.

"I use to be separated but now there's more togetherness now. You'll find people going to the same school together everyday riding together," said Lonzy Morrison.

Frank White says he too remembers the racial hate he felt as a child, but says he's now living the dream and grateful to see the progress of a nation rising up to realize Doctor King's dream.

"The young kids, they don't realize they take everything for grant it and so I think its important that they remember people that have lost their lives and all dedicated marches and such. I've participated in marches when I was a kid," said White.

"What unites us is really the search for justice and equality and dignity that Doctor King stood for," said Rick Todd.

Morrison says while our nation has made great strides in that search, he says he'd like to see more minorities holding public offices in Amarillo. Many here at Monday's march say the same, while our country has come far, there's still many more hurdles to jump as they pray for a better future for our children.

Monday's march took place down Hughes Street and ended at MLK Park.