Amarillo real estate up almost 10 percent

Homeowners looking to sell their house are in luck. According to the Amarillo Multiple Listing Service, the first quarter of the year is up almost 10 percent from last year.

"The residential real estate market in Amarillo is picking up," said Happy State Bank Economist Karr Ingham.

Ingham said the time that the houses are staying on the market before they sell is ticking downwards so it's pointing to an improving market for the seller.

Christy Chambers from Prudential Realtors credits the increase on Amarillo's economy and low interest rates. She said the average home in Amarillo stays on the market for about one hundred days with the average house selling for more than $152,000 just in the first quarter.

Homeowner Nate Neterval put his house on the market two weeks ago and he said things have been going well.

"We're seeing a lot of traffic outside," said Neterval. "A lot of people are stopping over to pick up flyers and drive past the house taking a look at it."

Chambers advises those wanting to put their house on the market to make their home appear as appealing as possible.