Amarillo Public Library treasures Bush Room collection

Patrons are not allowed to check anything out from the Bush-FitzSimon Room, but librarians will make copies of the material.

A hidden a treasure, the Bush-FitzSimon Room, Bush Room for short.

On the second floor of the Downtown Amarillo Public Library lies three rare collections not found anywhere else in the Texas Panhandle.

"It's a collection of books, papers and maps about the Southwest," Stacy Clopton Yates of the Amarillo Public Library said. "And besides non-fiction books there are fiction books."

The three collections: William Henry Bush, Laurence J. FitzSimon, and John L. McCarty were all donated to the library.

The collections can only be seen by appointment, and a librarian must accompany anyone while handling the material.

"These are materials that needed to be preserved, cared for and made available to the public," Yates said.

Gloves must be worn when handling the material, and nothing in the room can be checked out.

Beth Duke of the Amarillo Center City is a frequent visitor. She said not many people know about the room if they don't make it to the second floor. She said scholars have traveled from all over the world just to see the three collections.

"It's a collection you might expect at a university or at a major college campus, and it's right here in Downtown Amarillo."