Amarillo Public Library releases new digital app

San Antonio has taken digital to the next level, with its newest library that has no physical book in sight.

Emiliy McElreath is a freshman at Amarillo College. She's said she's at the library every chance she gets, but can't imagine walking in and not seeing shelves-after-shelves filled with books.

"I thought that was pretty crazy," McElreath said. "I didn't think that would happen for a while just without any physical book, because a library you think you go there and see physical books."

The Amarillo Public Library offers 25 digital services, from e-book renting to its latest service called Zinio, which allows users to download an entire magazine. Assistant Director Amanda Barrera said although the library has seen an increase in patrons using digital services, going completely digital seems almost impossible right now.

"Many of our resources right now are only available through book format," she said.

However, there are some college students who come to the library for computer uses only.

College freshman Jasmine Thomas said, "I use the e-book to get my textbooks on here, because my professors want us to get them online instead of like a book."

Thomas said e-books tend to be more up-to-date and save her cash.

So whether you're pro e-book or still loyal to the good old fashion hardback, the Amarillo Public Library won't be making any drastic changes, just an addition of a few digital apps here and there.

"As long as people like me are around that want that book," Barrera said. "I mean I like Kindles and I have an iPad, but there's something about having a book and experience a story in that way."