Amarillo prepares for blizzard

Snow storms are affecting most of the viewing area and officials are warning everyone to stay home if at all possible. People all over town have been getting ready to prepare for the storm.

With the anticipation for the blizzard heading our way, people have been flocking to the stores, stocking up on supplies to weather the storm.

"When they hear about snow, people just rush in," said Market Street United Manager, Steve Stockton. "We get the pantries filled and it's just a little bit of madness at the moment."

Stores like United Supermarket were swamped with customers trying to get last minute items. Stockton tells us that they didn't have much time to get ready and prepare, but employees were able to step up to the challenge.

"Everybody just chipped in and has stayed late to help us," said Stockton. "The team members have been jumping on board and really helping out."

But stores weren't the only places having to prepare. The Texas Department of Transportation is also making necessary steps to keep the roads as safe as possible. But with strong winds and blowing snow, that will be a challenge.

"We have been out patrolling," said Paul Braun, spokesman for the Texas Department of Transportation. "As soon as things start we will pretty much be all hands on deck across the Panhandle, plowing and deicing."

Braun states that the Texas Department of Public Safety and TxtDot are discouraging all travel. "It's a very dangerous storm and the visibility is going to be very poor," said Braun. "If you don't have to travel, stay off the roads."