Amarillo Police respond to Pronews 7 report

The Amarillo Police Department says the officer who by-passed a stranded vehicle to respond to another call did the right thing.

On August 22nd, Helen Cardenasâ?? legs were severed when a collision occurred as she tried to help push a car off the freeway onto the 26th Street exit at I-27.

Scanner traffic revealed a police officer had passed the vehicle on the way to a call about a woman on the freeway at the Interchange whoâ??d almost been hit twice.

APD says the officer did not believe the stranded vehicle was an issue when he saw them, because people were moving it off the freeway, and so he proceeded to his original call.

Police say they received no calls about the vehicle before the accident.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld of APD says, "We didnâ??t get the call about the vehicle on the side of the road. We did get at least one call of the woman at the interchange. That is that priority."

Posts on Facebook indicated some folks thought the officer went home after responding to the initial call.

Neufeld says, "He ends up clearing the call of the woman in the roadway, comes back and works the wreck himselfâ?¦the misconception that itâ??s quitting time, heâ??s going home, heâ??s not going home."

Officers want to stress if youâ??re in a dangerous situation on a major roadway, to call Police. They will take steps to make sure youâ??re safe.