Amarillo non-profit welcomes Wells of Hope founder from Uganda

Sssubi Francis of Uganda created Wells of Hope Academy in 2002. The non-profit organization supports children of prisoners in Uganda, providing 120 kids with food, clean water and an education.

They also provide transportation to and from prisons for visitation with parents in prisons. Students live in dormitories funded by the program, and get an education in classrooms funded by various donations.

"What we have accomplished, number one, we've been able to set up the first school in Africa for children of prisoners, it's the only one known. And two, we've been able to serve many children," says Francis.

This is Francis' first trip to the United States. He is being hosted by Amarillo non-profit, Partners in Hope, while in the area. During his two week trip, he is making several appearances at churches and conferences to spread the message of Wells of Hope's mission.

"We're working diligently to get them all sponsored and then beyond that, to work toward providing a secondary school so that when the children get of that age and of that education level, they can go on and it's not like their education has a cap on it," says Sarah Beukelman of Partners in Hope.

Since December, both agencies have provided safer living and learning environments for the students. Walls have been plastered, gutters were installed, and windows were placed to help create more sustainable buildings for the children.

Their main goal is have each child sponsored for basic needs, such as food, water, counseling services, worship programs, and an education. They hope to help children avoid following in their parents' footsteps.

To help sponsor a child, or learn more about their mission, go to: