Amarillo Nat'l Bank fire shuts down Taylor St.

Crews were dispatched out on a fire on the 12th floor of the Amarillo National Bank Plaza 2 buildilng Tuesday evening due to the fire alarm activation in the building. Upon arrival, they found that the sprinklers had been activated and that the fire on the 12th floor had been controlled by that sprinkler system.

Upon arrival to the scene, fire officials told Pronews 7 that the fire had been contained. The fire was out and crews were in 'salvage' and clean up mode to prevent flooding and further damage in the area. The area where the fire occurred was an office area.

A few blocks of Taylor street were shut down as ten fire trucks and three support personnel vehicles arrived on scene. The total number of responders was 34 firefighters and five support personnel.

"Everything went exactly the way it was supposed to," said Amarillo Fire Department captain, Jacob Oehlert. "Of course when you get after business hours, that makes our job a lot easier."

No injuries were reported. Only a couple of maintenance workers were believed to be in the building at the time the fire occurred.