Amarillo Municipal Court implements new notification service

Beginning June 24, 2013 a new phone notification service will begin calling those who have an outstanding warrant. People with traffic citations and/or misdemeanor citations and have not resolved the citation may receive a call.

According to the City of Amarillo Municipal Court, those with warrants will receive an automated call on behalf of the court notifying the individual on how they can resolve the citation.

"We have mailers, we have everything online, and now we have phone calls," said Amarillo Municipal Court Administrator Victoria Medley. "Our main goal is really to get people to comply and so we though this extra piece would be one more tool that we could use to help with that compliance and accountability."

In addition to the calls, there will be more officers on patrol attempting to serve the warrants on file. These officers will be on special assignment only, knocking on doors and hanging door hangers.

"We're going to use some additional officers, these are officers that are not assigned to typical patrol duties, so you're not going to have a longer delay," said APD Cpl. Jerry Neufeld. "We're going to allow them to get out there and knock on some doors and try to locate some of these individuals that have these outstanding warrants.

Here is a current warrant listing from the city.