Amarillo mayor faces new opponent

Amarillo City Mayor, Paul Harpole, is running for a second term against political newcomer Terry Baughman.

"I think it's always good to have competition in political races, it's part of the democratic process. This will be different because there were 11 people that filed for mayor last time. Had one individual file this time, so it'll be quite different", says Harpole.

Harpole is running for his second two-year term against Baughman, a 32-year-old assistant manager at a local drugstore. Harpole says he hopes to finish what he started 2 years ago. "I think there's a lot of things that we're trying to carry on, that can't be done in the last two years, and that's absolutely the reason why I want to continue the revitalization of downtown".

Baughman wants to shift the focus from downtown projects to other areas. "The main focus that I see right now is downtown. They're worried about downtown, where for instance you got the dog park out here, it's all dirt. Ain't much of a dog park for dogs, you know".

Recreational activities for younger residents, a facelift for Amarillo Boulevard, and changes to 6th street are also on his agenda.

"I want to get a sports complex for kids, you know that has a soccer field, baseball, all that. We need that for the kids. A place for kids to go you know. On the weekends, the only place kids hang out at is the mall", says Baughman.


ven though the two men differ on what issues are most important, both agree on one basic principle. "Even though there's just one race, it's very important to get the voter count up. With 95 thousand registered voters in our town, it's just important that we try and get everyone out to vote", says Harpole.

Polls for the next two-year mayoral term will open on May 11th.