Amarillo man spends week on the streets with homeless to raise awareness

Amarillo man spends week on the streets with homeless to raise awareness (Photo by Kendra Hall ABC7).

An Amarillo man spent his first of seven nights homeless Sunday and there is no coincidence he began this mission on Father's Day.

He chose this holiday as his start date to raise awareness for homeless fathers who were not able to see their kids.

"If you're driving around and you see some people that look thirsty, get them a water," said Kit Rudd, homeless activist in Amarillo. "It's cheap."

Rudd kicked off this year's "week on the streets" with a barbecue on Sunday. He says he started on a holiday for a reason.

"So many of these people have children and are fathers," said Rudd.

He says Father's Day is a holiday that homeless dads miss out on and he wants to bring attention to it.

Rudd says he learned a lot from his first year on "week on the streets."

"I thought I was pretty tough, but after about the third day I was beat."

The whole point of living on the streets with the homeless community is to raise awareness.

"When people get out here and they meet somebody face-to-face, it's a lot easier to help them once you get a little personalized with them and that's what this is all about," Rudd said.

He wants people to know that the homeless community needs help this summer. He says without water and sunscreen, some of them may not make it.

"What I want people to realize is that this could be any of us at any point in time and we're all human beings," said Rudd. "They're into some unfortunate circumstances. Some they brought onto themselves, some were brought onto them through other things. But the main thing I want to raise awareness about is they're our brothers and sisters. We need to reach out and help them just like we would our family."

He will spend the entire week without a roof, learning the homeless communities needs and how to better serve them.

Rudd urges anyone to donate water and sunscreen to people they see on the streets this summer.

Anyone can drop resources off to Yellow City Community Outreach at Buchanan Street Methodist Church.

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