Amarillo man shot and killed

UPDATE: The officers involved in this incident have been identified as Officer Ricky Matthews and Officer Carmella Smith. Matthews was placed on administrative leave following the incident.

Chaos broke out in one Amarillo neighborhood early Sunday morning after a police officer shot and killed a man.

That shooting happened in the 1600 block of South Jackson Street.

Neighbors said it was a peaceful morning, until one man started causing problems which led to a call to police.

Around 2:45 a.m. Sunday July 7, 2013 morning, a call to 911 was made in regards to a suspect identified as 35-year old German Mata who was causing problems. When the two responding officers arrived, the mornings events took a turn for the worse.

Lieutenant Erick Bohannon from the Amarillo Police Department shared some brief details about what happened.

"About 2:45 this morning officers were sent to 1615 South Jackson on a disturbance where a male suspect was causing some problems and when the officers arrived they were confronted by the suspect who had been causing the problems." said Bohannon "He then pulled a pistol out of his waist band and pointed it at the officers."

Neighbors said they heard a lot of commotion outside, but did not step out to see what was going on.

Another neighbor, in tears, said she saw the incident unfold and it traumatized her.

Lieutenant Bohannon says after Mata pointed the gun at officers, that's when their training kicked in, reacting in a way to protect their lives.

"One of the officers shot at the suspect and struck him. The suspect later died at a local hospital." said Bohannon "We'll have an autopsy on Monday morning and per our department policy the officer who shot the suspect has been placed on administrative leave for three days."

Bohannon said no one else was injured.

During the investigation, police said they discovered Mata had actually pointed a realistic replica of a pistol at the officers.

The special crimes unit is still investigating the shooting. They're asking if you have any information that may help them in their efforts to call 806-378-9468.