Amarillo man cleans park every morning out of the goodness of his heart

Mr. Harold Jones

Some time in the early hours of the morning, you might just be able to pick out a figure walking around near the Medical Center park...odds that will be Harold Jones...who is out here most every day of the year, walking up to 7 miles...

He had a series of health problems years ago and was told walking would be good therapy...and he just kept going. And he's also a good steward of the land, picking up trash on his morning constitutional.

"It's a beautiful park, it's disgusting that people would just leave stuff and so I stop and pick it up."

He says he loves to kid people he meets on the trail, and tries to start up conversations with just about everyone.

"I asked this one old boy what kind of bird he was and he said, 'What?' and I said, well I hear walking is for the birds and I wondered what kind you were...he laughed."

Calvin Coolidge was president when he was born...which makes him 83 years young. He and his wife celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on Wednesday of this week. She used to come out with him but now she suffers from Alzheimer's and is being helped with constant care...and everyday, after his walk, and coffee, he goes to see her.

"I go see her everyday, take her some ice cream and we have dinner..."

And then it's back out the next morning, walking picking up trash, meeting people and occasionally getting a reward or two.

"I found two $50 bills...Divine payment...maybe, it went to church."

So, next time you're walking around the park and you see Harold... say Howdy, tell a joke and maybe help him keep the park clean. But, with a wink he says he only expects that from walker.

"Never met a happy jogger...they're working too hard. Walkers smile."