Amarillo kidnapping victim writes book

Kidnapping victim Dr. Steven L. Berk, M.D., held a book signing at Hasting's Saturday afternoon for the book he has spent four years writing.

Dean of Texas Tech School of Medicine Dr. Berk was kidnapped from his home at gunpoint back in March of 2005. The kidnapper, Jack Lindsey Jordan, eventually dropped Dr. Berk off in Bushland unharmed. Now, Dr. Berk has decided to share his experience with everyone.

"The book is the story of our travels around Amarillo and West Texas," Dr. Berk said, "and our relationship during that time, and how I handled that crisis."

Despite the situation, Dr. Berk carried on conversation with his captor and learned a great deal about him.

"We were able to develop a rapport. He told me about his life, he told me about his problems, he told me about the day his wife died."

Still, Dr. Berk remained alert and kept his cool. And he attributes his life today to the career he has had for so long.

"For medical students and residents, it's a story about how our preparation and our training in medical school and residency prepares us for pretty much anything," said Dr. Berk. "As physicians, we see life through all different aspects"

Dr. Berk said he hopes the book will encourage people to be thankful for the time they have and for every moment of every day.

"I hope it makes them appreciate every day, that every day is precious," he said. "We never know who's going to survive. And I think it will also tell a lot of people about the field of medicine, the kind of training that physicians get."

Anatomy of a Kidnapping is available at Hasting's, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.