Amarillo ISD talks water conservation

Conserving water is something all of us in Amarillo have been talking about for months, from City Commission meetings to valuable public service announcements.

Monday, it was Amarillo I.S.D.'s turn to discuss the plans it has.

Water conservation is not something new to Amarillo I.S.D. the district tells us, over the last five years, it has reduced its water use by 37 percent, and plans to continue that trend.

"We've began working on a central irrigation system, which is a system where it's controled by one computer and monitored through a weather station to register E.T. rates and adjust according to the weather," said Operating Supervisor of Ground Department, Weslee Green.

With that new system, Green feels it will help A.I.S.D. use our resources even more wisely.

"We want to conserve water, we want to be better users of our resource. It makes economic sense, we're looking for new ideas, new concepts that will allow us to make our lawns look better but conserve at the same time."

One option officials discussed monday night is one that's getting more and more popular, the option of xeriscaping.

"We have to study the site, have to understand how it's being used, kind of get a grasp of what the future would be of the use. Understand plant material and how it functions in that site, understand how to zone that site for water, to better control the water that's put on a particular section of plants versus another."

Xeriscaping is definitely a future option, but some things the district can do right now is maintain its sprinkler systems even better, and change its philosophy of how much it needs to be used.