Amarillo ISD have classes on Memorial Day

While most of the nation had the day off to pause and remember the sacrifices made by our service men and women, Amarillo Independent School District was in session. But that doesn't mean they too, didn't pause and remember.

It may be the unofficial start to summer, but school is still in session, even on Memorial Day.

"This was a rare year when we actually used both of our snow days back in February. The consequences of that were we were in school at the Monday at the end of April that was a snow day and now this Monday at the end of May which happens to be Memorial Day," said AISD Spokeswoman, Holly Shelton.

But most parents we asked on Facebook said they're ok with their kids being in school on Memorial Day, versus during the February blizzard.

Danny writes,"I'm ok with it. I would rather have my son in school today, than risk it on an icy day". Sherry says, "There are many men and women who fought and died for our freedom including the right to get a free education. If that means they have to go to school today because the school chose to keep them safe during the blizzard then I'm okay with it". However, Jordan says, "my mom is a veteran and wouldn't let my sister go to school today".

But school officials at Landergin Elementary say teachers took advantage of the day, deciding to change their lesson plans to teach the students about the holiday and it's importance.

"What some of the concepts Memorial Day represents by using what poppys are and what they represent in the poppy fields in the cemeteries. Why we have our flag at half staff," said Landergin Elementary Principal, Kim Lackey.

Kindergarten students showed us their works of art. Making their very own books about Memorial Day on their iPads. The older students art had a patriotic theme.

"They maybe they can carry that on and celebrate that. Some of them may have family members that are actually in the Iraq or Afghanistan right now fighting for our freedom and maybe they can carry that on and maybe they are interested in doing that someday themselves," said Lackey.

Shelton says this is the first Memorial Day in many recent years students have been in school during the holiday.