Amarillo ISD encourages parents to pursue post-secondary education

"No Excuses Universities" is a powerful initiative in Amarillo Independent School District that encourages students to get a post-secondary education.

Now, it's getting parents involved.

Travis Middle School not only will be a "No Excuses" campus, but it's now introducing the "No Limits Neighborhood".

It's this week's Region 16 Spotlight Education report.

"No Limits Neighborhoods" are about no limits to your future and we know that an education is what creates those opportunities," said Dana West, Travis Middle School Principal.

Not only are the facility and staff at Travis encouraging students toward a post-secondary education, now they're reaching out to parents who've always wanted to achieve a higher education, but haven't had the opportunity.

"The parents that want to finish their GED, or the parents who want to enroll in college whatever the educations need that they have we are here to make sure that it happens," said West.

They're reaching out by having a social worker call parents, inviting them to PRIDE lunches at the school, and even going with them for a campus tour or their actual enrollment at Amarillo College or West Texas A&M University.

That not only affects the parents' lives, but the students as well.

It gives them hope that nothing is out of their reach.

"Our schools are full of hope, our students are so excited about their future, our students are so excited about going to college about getting a career they love, they're so excited about what this going to do for their families," said West.

To give everybody a visual image of achieving that educational goal, Travis Middle School in several college colors and décor.