Amarillo Innocence Project expanding

Local attorney Jeff Blackburn says the Innocence Project is collaborating with the State Fire Marshal to look into about 10 cases in which suspects convicted of arson may, in fact, have been wrongfully convicted.ã??

Blackburn said the science of arson investigation is constantly advancing. Consequently, he said, in the cases theyâ??ve studied, the suspects may have been convicted on evidence that is faulty or outdated.ã??

"So the question becomes, how do we take what we know now, and look at not just these old cases, but also in the future, make sure we donâ??t make these mistakes again."ã??

The Amarillo Fire Department confirms the alliance between the State Fire Marshal and the Innocence Project. John Woodward of the Amarillo Fire Department said theyâ??re working on how to improve arson investigations.ã?? Woodward said, "through the State Fire Marshal, a lot of the local Fire Marshal Offices throughout the state will receive training."