Amarillo hosts firework show

A fireworks ban in Amarillo did not keep people from enjoying their Fourth of July. John Stiff Park was packed tonight as people enjoyed the city's fireworks show and other festivities.

Just days before the Declaration of Independence was signed, John Adams wrote to his wife, Abigail that Independence Day should be commemorated with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bonfires, and illuminations.

Amarillo would make John Adams proud today with their Fourth of July celebration.

After enjoying the Canyon parade this morning, hundreds of people headed to John Stiff Park to watch fireworks and enjoy festivities.

"We're just celebrating our independence with the Fourth of July." said Amarillo Resident, Eric Montanez "We're having a good time with our friends and family, playing some horse shoes, and we can't wait for the fireworks."

Children and adults alike played games all around the park, kicked back in their lawn chairs, and also enjoyed music from Agave Posse Band and Matt Martindale, but aside from all the fun and games, people remember what they are celebrating for.

"It's all about our nation's independence" said Montanez.

Although everyone has a good time and enjoys good food, Montanez said ultimately, people are celebrating our Country. He also shared big thanks to our military for all that they do.

Many attendees said they are blessed to be able to enjoy freedom and spend family time on such a beautiful Thursday evening.

Some people traveled from local areas to view the fireworks.

Pampa resident, Jana Vinson said her friends and her are celebrating the holiday together and checking out what Amarillo has to offer.

Vinson said, "It's a time to celebrate our country's freedom and the great opportunities that we have here in our country."

With a huge thanks to our troops, people say they are most looking forward to the firework display once it gets dark.

With all of the fun and laughter, Randall County Deputies remind you to stay safe this entire holiday weekend, and above all, don't drink and drive.

Most importantly, we cannot forget what Fourth of July celebrations are really about. It's the blessing our forefathers provided more than 200 years ago and that freedom is never free.

God bless America and God bless our troops.