Amarillo Hosting TCCE Convention

Amarillo will host the premier event for the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Convention this year.

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce will be busy this weekend.

Theyâ??re hosting the TCCE Convention, bringing chamber executives from all across the great State of Texas together to network.

Amarillo Chamber official, Penni Bentley said our city will greatly benefit.

â??The way we're going to benefit from this is that all of these other chamber executives from across the state will get to see Amarillo, it's community, it's people, and to see how we work with our local officials.â?? said Bentley, â??we're very fortunate to have such a successful community so it's kind of a chance for us to show off.â??

The executives will participate in educational sessions, focused on improving business climate in Texas and improving the quality of life in their communities.

Bentley said that the convention offers the Amarillo Chamber an opportunity to learn from other chambers and find out what they're doing and what's working in their community.

â??We will find ways that we can better improve and serve our members and the business community. We're looking forward to the chance to get to network and find out what others are doing and share some of our ideas with them.â?? said Bentley.

With the agenda full of meetings and sessions, the Amarillo Chamber made sure to fit in some fun activities.

Executives will be able to take part in and see several highlights of Amarillo, including going to see the play TEXAS at Palo Duro Canyon, enjoying a steak eating contest at The Big Texan, and participating in a golf tournament.

The TCCEâ??s purpose is for real chambers to tackle real challenges and provide real solutions.

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce said that by hosting this convention, visitors will learn that the City of Amarillo is amazing.

TCCE activities will last through Tuesday, June 25, 2013.