Amarillo horse rescue seeks community support

Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue is asking the community for donations.

Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue is preparing to take in more horses, and in order to do so the organization needs help from the community.

Rescue Founder/President Terri Gammage received word last week that slaughter houses in Mexico and Canada are no longer accepting horses from the United States. Many horses are currently in the slaughter pipeline and many more would be going. Gammage has decided to take in as many of those horses as she can.

"The rescues are going to do our best to pick up the slack and take as many of them as we can so that they don't stand there and starve to death," she said.

Taking responsibility for more animals will require more feed, more hay, more space and more veterinary bills. Gammage pointed out the community has been supportive of her organization since it was founded in 2003, and whenever a need arose it was always met.

"We could take more horses if we had room to keep them. We also need help buying the feed and the hay and paying the vet bills...just general day-to-day care of the horses. We get the horses taken care of. They get what they need. It's expensive, but if one of them needs special care, they get it."

With winter months on the way, Gammage wants to make sure the rescue has all it needs to care for the horses. And though times can be stressful, she has no intention of throwing in the towel.

"God set this up. God's made sure it's been provided for and I'm sure He'll keep doing that. My philosophy is 'if it's God's will, it's God's bill.' So, as long as He wants us to keep doing this and makes it possible, then we'll keep taking these horses."

Below is a list of items Gammage said the rescue needs:



-eight tires (four for a horse trailer and four for a flatbed hay trailer)

-dirt for horse pins-money for vet bills

Anyone interested in donating to Panhandle Safe Hayven Equine Rescue can contact Terri Gammage on her cell phone at (806) 681-5161 or email at

Click here for the rescue Facebook page.