Amarillo high-speed chase terminated for public safety

Police give chase but cancel the pursuit once the suspect vehicle becomes a public safety issue.

A 40-year-old man was arrested on charges stemming from a vehicle pursuit and forgery that happened on Tuesday, according to Amarillo Police. Read more here.

Amarillo police

responded to a call at the Amarillo National around 5:06pm yesterday in the 45th and Bell area.

The suspect was attempting to cash a check stolen from an auto burglary that occurred earlier in the day.

Bank tellers were able to delay the suspect at the drive-in until police units arrived on the scene. The suspect fled the area in the vehicle they were driving.

Police gave pursuit through traffic on Bell Street, but lost the suspect vehicle near the intersection of Hillside and Bell.

"We initiated a very short chase because of the amount of traffic, the time of the day." said Jerry Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department.

Minutes later officers at the intersection of 58th and Coral spotted the vehicle and engaged in a new pursuit.

The suspect vehicle speed through the Sonic parking lot at 58th and Western and then into the construction zone on 58th street.

"There were three more Sheriff's and two black and whites coming from South Georgia street." said Carolyn Whiteside, one witness to the chase.

"I know the police have to pursue criminals, but it's a miracle they didn't hit someone and cause a lot of accidents."

The chase continued when the SUV vehicle left the construction zone into the open fields on the southside of Western and around the playa lake behind the Western Business Park.

Police terminated the chase for the second time, deciding that the risk and necessity of the chase was endangering public safety during the time of traffic.

"We just were not going to continue the chase." said Nuefeld, "It wasn't worth the risk to the public to chase this individual."

Police are looking for a yellow Nissan Xterra. The suspect is a white male, mid 40's, about 5ft 11in and 180lbs.

"We felt like we could probably be able to identify the individual again." said Neufeld.

Police investigators do have enough information to get arrest and search warrants and capture the suspect at a later time.