Amarillo has mixed social media usage

There's no question about it. Most people turn to Facebook and Twitter for their information more than anything else. It's a social media driven world. But Amarillo police department and Amarillo ISD, two major sources of information and news for the city, do not have social media pages.

Amarillo PD says they do not have a Facebook page because they are unsure as to what negative things people may say or comment. They also say that having someone constantly monitoring social media would take time and effort that they do not want to take away from their investigations.

"It's very time consuming. We'd rather spend a lot of our time trying to get information out to the public through the already proven means and spending time in our investigations, instead of having one person sit back and monitor all the good and bad that is said about the police department," said Cpl. Sean Slover of Amarillo Police Department.

Slover also said he was hesitant of releasing information about cases before the offical press release. However, Borger Police Department has a very successful page that they say has allowed them to reach out the community and provide updated or partial press releases sooner rather than later.

"You know, what helps us out so well on social media, and what's worked for us, is that you know how social media works. You can post something and it's there and it's in real time. But what that does is it cuts down on other people guessing or speculating. They can go to our page and see things in real time and it can be true and correct," said Captain Anthony Griffin of the Borger Police Department.

There is no doubt social media is a useful tool for reaching people quickly. Lisa Loan, principal of Crockett Middle school, says they've just begun using Facebook to reach parents and now they are using it for pretty much all of their announcements.

"We use it for everything. Like this week, we've used it when the boys track meet was postponed until today, so we sent out a notification to the parents. We use it for everything like that," said Loan.

As of now, both AISD and APD said there are no plans to add social media pages for either department. They say they will continue to use their original forms of communications through online newsletters or email blasts.

**Update**: Please note the video should read "Lisa Loan, principal of Crockett Middle School" for her video interview