Amarillo hailstorm causes $400 million in damages

The Insurance Council of Texas says an estimated 35,000 vehicles and thousands of homes were damaged in that massive hailstorm that blanketed Amarillo on May 28th. Insured losses are expected to reach $400 million. Hail up to the size of baseballs pounded vehicles, knocked out windshields and damaged roofs.

Work crews at auto body shops say they are being slammed. "We are now at a two month wait to get vehicles repaired and we've just started taking orders," said Tanton Lowery, a detail specialist at Drury Body Shop.

Roofers say they will be busy replacing roofs through this time next year. "It's a war zone out there," said Brandon Roberts of West Texas Roofing. "It is the worst damage I have ever seen and it doesn't even compare to the 2004 hailstorm, which was the costliest hailstorm in Amarillo's history."

Eric Miller with the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce said he will be getting a new roof as the brunt of the storm passed directly over his home. "While it was a bad storm, we feel lucky compared to what has happened in Oklahoma," Miller said.

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