Amarillo Globe-News works to expand digital outreach

The Amarillo Globe-News

As the use of newer technology continues to grow, many newspapers across America are embracing new media and new protocol. In our area, the Amarillo Globe News is one of them.

Pronews 7 received several tips from inside the AGN newsroom about some big changes. No comment was the Globes' first response, but then, at 5:35 p.m., it posted a story explaining the restructuring.

AGN Media and are making organizational changes that will expand their digital operations, the statement said. That involves combining the news and special publications departments into one organization.

Les Simpson AGN President said, "While many people still read our print products, our digital audience continues to grow, exponentially and this will focus an increased amount of resources to where our consumers are."

The company said the organization will feature a new digital division that will develop content and products for an online and mobile audience. It says that development requires the staff at AGN to reapply for a position, and that job numbers will not be cut, but descriptions have been redefined as part of the new strategy.

â??With what the Amarillo Globe News is going through right now and what other newspaper properties have been doing across the US, they're trying to figure out a way in which they can earn revenue and sustain revenue,â?? said Butler Cain Assistant Professor of Mass Communications at West Texas A&M University. â??And still offer a product to the community but one that's going to be more relevant in the 21st century.â??

Though the change may benefit some people, the reduction in the papers circulation was not addressed, what could that mean for subscribers?

"What some of these newspaper organizations have started doing is they've tried to become a lot leaner," Cain said. "They are dropping the printed product, if it was a 7 day a week paper for instance; it's going to 3 days a week. They're focusing more and more on the digital aspects of things.â??

The AGN also said no budget cuts or layoffs will accompany this digital change, and that their subscribers can expect changes to begin September 10th.

â??This is an exciting development for the Globe-News and the company,â?? said Ric Anderson, who was named AGN Media vice president of audience. â??This structure positions the company to not only remain the strongest news provider in our market, but to reach out to new audiences in addition to those who are interested in news. Weâ??re looking forward to whatâ??s coming.â??