Amarillo Globe-News locks down its content

In an effort to cut costs, Amarillo's largest newspaper, the Amarillo Globe News, has decided to charge its users for online and digitial content.

Pronews 7 first reported in August that the AGN was working to expand its digital outreach. The newspaper would not comment, only posting on its site that more effort would be added to its website.

On Sunday, the AGN announced to its online readers that effective immediately it would implement an "All-Access membership."

"The Amarillo-Globe News, part of AGN Media, had entered a new phase in its history with the launch of the All-Access membership program," the a news article read. "AGN Media digital products, which have been free for all users, will now only be available to those who have a paid print subscription or purchase a digital-only subscription."

Those who have a paper subscription will be granted the membership while those who solely read its contents online will have to pay. The price of the new membership increases by about 13 cents per day for subscribers.

The paper said it is starting to charge because of economic reasons.

"To ensure a bright future for our journalistic mission, we believe having readers of our content - including digital consumers - pay for it is a fair option," Publisher Les Simpson said.

Other big changes have also happened at the AGN since Pronews 7 first reported this story. Those changes include the departure of its Executive Editor Lee Wolverton and its Vice President of Audience Ric Anderson.

Pronews 7 and, however, remain dedicated to serving its viewers and readers.

"We pride ourselves in bringing our viewers the most up-to-date and accurate news and information on our broadcasts and online properties," Pronews 7 News Director Ryan Hazelwood said. "As always we will continue to do it for free." is the fastest growing website in the Panhandle and the Pronews 7 social properties are the most interactive in the region.